Massage Therapy: Clarence Gibbons

Clarence-GibbonsClarence’s introduction into the world of massage therapy began at the Ohashi Institute, where he learned a form of bodywork that uses finger pressure called Ohashiatsu. He then continued his training at the Academy of Massage Therapy, and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2004.

His has since worked with Yamana Zake, whose work in structural integration (Body Logic) unites everything he has ever learned about how the body works, how it breaks down, and how it can be helped. Clarence studied and worked with Yamana for five years and became a certified Body Logic practitioner.  To read more about the technique, please visit:

As a therapist, Clarence asks the right questions at the right time. He has a keen eye for structural imbalances and a gift for intuitive palpation. Your restriction could be a strained muscle, an inefficient movement pattern, or a barely perceptible trick of posture. It could be a trauma from long ago, which is disguised as physical pain, yearning to be acknowledged for what it really is, and set free. Between what you remember, what your body remembers, and what he finds, in his hands your body will begin its journey towards freedom.

At Serenity Center NYC: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Other locations: Does treat at other locations, please contact for details
Phone: 917.541.8557
Personal website: no


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