Addiction Cessation

Steve Quinn helps people with a unique addiction cessation treatment for smoking, sugar and gluten, alcohol and recreational drugs.

At the age of 16 Steve had an out of body experience and from this event he developed the visceral knowing that we are not our bodies alone, and our experience of life is not simply a physical one, but a sacred one.  A very active and determined search then began into the greater mysteries of life. This has taken him to many sacred places throughout the world and to date he has trained with many special and gifted teachers who helped him understand and develop his skills.

On his journey, he learned to connect to and transfer healing energies to others. The transference of these energies causes a cleansing of the electromagnetic field and body of the person receiving them.  Recipients often report feeling freed from blockages, either mental or emotional, and even physically in the removal or improvement of pain or disease.

His approach assists people with a wide variety of issues – and he has found it particularly helpful for addiction cessation. After a session with Steve, people most often report a feeling of being “unattached” to the addictive substance – almost like they never smoked, ate sugar, drank, etc, before; the substance no longer has any pull on them. He has helped hundreds of people quit their addictions with this approach. His work is not limited to addiction, as he also does Energy Healing (or spiritual healing), Transformational Life Coaching, Energy Medicine and is a Well Being Sciences Practitioner and Teacher.

Quit your addictions with Stephen Quinn.

At Serenity Center NYC: Monday
Other locations: Westchester
Phone: 914.473.2015
Personal website:


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